Hall 5, BoothC49, PALM Expo 2016
26-28 May 2016, BEC, Mumbai

Natura will present live safety demos, run a workshop for Event Planners & Managers and showcase its truss-tower innovation, the Adventure Challenge Tower

Let’s understand why do we do what we do, whether you are an event manager, celebration planner, a production unit or a vendor partner, we all want to experience new things and in turn want to provide it to our clients, we are constantly searching for the next new unique experience We as Natura equate the search for a unique experience, to climbing a peak, we are constantly stepping out of our comfort zone and pushing the envelope with an aspiration of achieving something truly magnificent.

With climbing a Peak comes inherent risks and therefore we need to acknowledge the fact that pushing the envelope is going to be risky, does that mean we should not do it? well we absolutely should. To understand this, let’s look at the Peak Adventure model and come to terms with risk being an inherent part of Events, let’s figure ways of calculating the risk and then work towards categorically mitigating it.

We need to create Guide lines. Along with guidelines we will have to come up with processes and systems for organisations to adopt easily.

While we start rolling out Guidelines, we parallelly also need to start running Education & Awareness workshops for Event Managers & Technical Vendors, so that they can ask the right set of questions to their suppliers to get all the safety requirements fulfilled and run multiple Training programmes for vendor partners to get their teams trained in the various relevant skills. All Event Managers, Production Units and technical teams should go through awareness workshop on Topics such as:

● Crowd Management
● Fire & Electrical Hazards identification
● Pyro/Fireworks planning
● Staging, Trussing & Scaffolding
● Venue Constructs / Hangers / Tents
● Technical (AV) Rigging & Decor Rigging
● Work at Height protocol (working above 2.2mtrs)
● Flying Fx, Aerial Acts & Entries & Special effects
● Insurances & Liability
● Medical Assistance planning

To address this need Natura will be running multiple sets of workshop on a few of the subjects:

WORKSHOP 1 (recommended for Event Managers & Planners)
Schedule: 1st Slot @ 3pm & 2nd Slot @ 5pm (Duration: 60 mins)
Reviewing Ground supports systems (Box Trusses), Simple Checklists while building ground support systems (Box Trusses), correct usage of Rigging Hardware, explanation of load charts and calculating Inventory loads, correctly identifying the various parts of a ground support system and Importance of ballasts & guys wires.

Schedule: 1st Slot @11am & 2nd Slot @ 1pm (Duration: 60 mins)
Work at height Safety Measures (recommended for Trussing, Lighting, Sound & AV rigging companies & production managers) climbing & working on trusses
Team Natura will demo some crucial truss-based safety protocols and best-practices. The short demo will reinforce the need for correct human safety systems and simple thumb rules involved in working at height / on truss towers.

The Adventure Challenge Tower (ACT) (Duration: through the day, 10 mins per participant)
Natura will showcase its truss-based multi-activity tower. The 20’ x 10’ x 10’ version of the Adventure Challenge Tower designed by Natura allows for large-scale live engagement by making high-impact adventure activities possible in restrictive spaces.
Participants at the expo will get a chance to try out Rock Climbing on the ACT. They will also get to try the Leap-of-faith - a heart-stopping activity where one leaps off a 20-feet-high platform to try and grab a target hung at a distance and free-fall 15 feet before the specially-rigged safety system slows and arrests their fall right above terra firma.

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