PALM Expo is happy to announce the appointment of CIEC as the official agents in China for Exhibit Sales.

中国国际展览中心集团公司(中展)是中国首批国际展览会正式组团单位之一。现与印度最好的专业灯光音响展-PALM EXPO2018 强强联合。中展以丰富的经验、专业的服务、优秀的团队闻名于业内。迄今为止,共组织近15,000家中国企业参加600多届国际著名专业展会。PALM展携手中展,将通过PALM展这个优秀平台在印度推广中国品牌,并带领中国顶级专业灯光音响制造企业走进印度。

China International Exhibition Center (CIEC), one of the first countries in China to provide overseas exhibition services to Chinese companies, has now associated with India's foremost exhibition of pro-audio, stage sound and professional lighting – PALM Expo 2018. The company, with a wealth of experience, professional services, excellent team, which has so far been responsible for a total of nearly 15,000 Chinese enterprises participating in more than 600 international famous professional exhibitions has now teamed with the PALM to bring the top professional audio and lighting manufacturers from China to India and promote the Chinese brands in India through the PALM expo.

中展 王英瑶:"中展也非常荣幸能同孟买PALM展这样世界闻名的灯光音响及影音展会合作。我们也期待能带领中国一流灯光音响制造企业参与PALM展,并且在这个急速发展、生机勃勃的市场中宣传中国企业的品牌。" “CIEC Exhibition Co. Ltd. is excited and happy to work with an internationally renowned pro audio, light and audiovisual expo like PALM, Mumbai. We are looking forward to bringing premiere Chinese audio and lighting manufacturers to PALM and promoting their brand in this vibrant and booming market,” said Wang Yingyao of CIEC Overseas Exhibition Co., Ltd.

PALM展主办 Anil Chopra:“PALM展一直都非常欢迎中国专业灯光音响制造企业,我们提供了公平、独立的机会让企业展示技术及产品。印度品牌也欢迎中国货源,满足印度大市场。我们和中展一同欢迎中国的领先品牌前来2018 PALM展开拓影音板块的巨大商机”。

"PALM Expo has welcomed China Pro Sound + light neutral and independent opportunity to showcase its technology and product. India brands successfully adopted China sourcing, satisfying a large Indian market. PALM 2018 along with CIEC now welcomes China's leading brands to explore huge business potential in the audiovisual segment at PALM 2018," said Anil Chopra, of PALM Expo.

如果您有任何关于PALM展展位预定方面的疑问,您可以通过以下方式联络中展。 Should you have any queries regarding booking a booth at PALM Expo, you can contact CIEC on the below address.

北京中展海外展览有限公司成立于1986年,是中国国际贸易促进委员会直属企业--中国国际展览中心集团公司(中展集团)的全资子公司。中展海外遵循“以客户为中心,为客户创造最大价值”的服务理念,把百分之百的客户满意度作为工作目标。 Established in 1986, CIEC Overseas Exhibition Co.,Ltd is a whole-owned subsidiary of China International Exhibition Centre Group Corporation(CIEC Group) of CCPIT. Following the service concept of "centering on customers, creating the maximum wealth for customers", CIEC Overseas Exhibition Co.,Ltd set its work target as achieving the 100% satisfaction from its customers.

CIEC Overseas Exhibition Co., Ltd

Ms.Wang Yingyao