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PALM Expo - India’s globally renowned and highly reputed pro sound and light trade fair. Most awaited event by International manufacturers to launch their latest product range. The show has been the principal catalyst which has fuelled the industry by connecting manufacturers and distributors to dealers and end users. The 17th edition of the PALM Show in Mumbai will once again deliver abundant opportunities for exhibitors to PLUG IN and galvanize sales and brand building for your products and solutions. It will offer opportunities to manufacturers and distributors from not only the major cities and metros, but also to the extended markets across the various non-metros and small town regions in India, to showcase pro sound & light products and do business at PALM Mumbai.


Introduce in 2017 your brand, technology and product to a knowledgeable and discerning market

India, which now ranks among the top 10 economies in the world, is on the map of the global sound and light industry by virtue of its purchasing power and on the strength to adopt the latest brands and technology. The fact that a large body of very capable engineers are savvy of modern techniques and innovations was evident at PALM 2016, which showcased latest technologies and attracted visitors who knew exactly what they wanted with expertise to exploit the features.


The depth in consumption on product price, product quality and quantity, in use across sectors from stage, install, music production, pro AV, broadcast, has resulted in numerous brands entering the Indian market in the past few years. The vast market regions has witnessed established distribution and dealer network to reach product and service to actual users, thus presenting a developed sales space. Reason enough for your brand and product range to compete in a promising landscape.


Expansion and growth - Focused Exhibit areas.

PALM 2016 for the first time boasted separate halls for lighting and pro sound + music production. The expanse of exhibits in each segment meant more efficient movement of buyers leading to better business for exhibitors. The 20,000+ visitors, flooding the aisles over three days were benefitted in better floor management for easy access to product and technology. A major success at PALM 2016 was management of sound levels in Hall 1 where exhibitors cooperated and collaborated to ensure the environment was controlled enabling business discussions, the all-important agenda of all exhibitors.


PALM Expo, in tandem with market growth at CAGR of 20%, invests in providing a show experience at the annual convention that is revisited by all participants year-on-year at an above 90% average. The show covered 24,336 sqm with 22% new exhibitors and growth in total number of exhibitors, visitors, floor space, features, media and conferences.


PALM 2016 witnessed 500+ brands. Responsive to the presence of increasing brands and exhibits and industry growth and expansion, PALM will once again feature, two connected exhibit Halls - Hall 5 and Hall 1, to accommodate over 250 exhibitors in featured exhibits, focused on product and technology.


Perpetual enhancement

Going by its mantra of PUTTING TECHNOLOGY IN PLACE, MOTIVATING THE MARKET™ , PALM Expo 2017 has been instrumental in sales distribution and dealer network expanding exponentially over the last decade. Introducing pro sound and entertainment lighting, stage and rental, install and acoustics, music production and live sound sourcing and product knowledge has led to expansion and growth of sales channels realising the huge Indian potential. Also expanding the base of professionals.


The PALM Conference & Seminar, DJ Championship, Music Production Soundscape, Live Arena, Lighting Design Competition, Outdoor Line Array, Live Rigging and Trussing Workshop, Laser Effects Demo, Audio and Lighting Workshops, Mapping Workshop and Immersive 3D Mapping & Projection Demo. The features witnessed spirited participation by 22,366 unique registered trade visitors in 2016.


The defined Exhibit Halls for specified product and technology, will guide professionals effortlessly to desired booths, facilitating optimal use of time to explore the entire expo and its various features.


Comprehensive Technology

The show is the ground zero for worldwide latest technology product demos from national and international manufacturers and brands. An extensive spectrum of pro sound and light products, services and solutions on display at the PALM venue are the key factors behind the success of the show.


India is experiencing the entry of all major brands and technologies, and PALM attracts all these brands and technologies to exhibit, enhancing their brand awareness in the fastest growing market in the world.


  • HALL 5 will feature: Stage Sound and Light, Staging Technology, Lighting Design, Laser and Effects, DJ tech.
  • HALL 1 will consist of: Pro Audio, Studio Sound Monitoring and Recording, Installed Sound, Pro AV, Video Display Technology, Projection and Screens, LED Display, Digital Signage, Systems Integration.


Professional Leveraging

PALM’s intellect, motivation, dynamism, mission is to upgrade Indian entertainment professional landscape to a high paradigm. We constantly endeavour to impart training, expertise, best practices and knowledge quotient. In pursuing this goal we are encouraged by the reputation and high qualification of Indian engineers, technicians, designers, and innovators. We partner with exhibitors to deliver altruistic features such as the PALM Sound and Light Awards and Indian Recording Arts awards, and for the first time Lighting Design Winner which recognize leading talent, thereby attracting professionals to the PALM and earning tremendous goodwill for this unique platform.



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